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If, like the rest of us, you’re on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ you’ll have noticed that on the 12th of April social media and news websites across the world exploded with the news that Facebook bought Instagram for the sum of 1 billion dollars in cash and stock.

Upon typing I’ve realised that it’s actually extremely difficult to say (or type) “1billion dollars” without doing so in the voice of Doctor Evil from Austin Powers. But let’s not get side tracked. Yep, you heard correctly if you weren’t already aware, 1 billion dollars. That’s a lot of zeros, 9 to be precise.

It’s hard to justify such a large amount of money but Facebook can put it down as a strategic acquisition. Instagram has a massive established community which is something that takes a long time and a unique service to build. As well as that you can be pretty certain that Mark Zuckerburg felt slightly threatened by its continued increase in popularity.

If you use Instagram you’ll know that the level of interaction taking place is outstanding and there’s a clear sense of community in place. If you’re new to Instagram or if you need your memory refreshed check out 15 stats about the billion dollar Instagram app below. Some of the user stats will blow you away;

1. Instagram is a photo sharing app that allows a user to take a picture and transform how it looks
2. Instagram launched on October the 6th 2010, by December it had 1 million users
3. In December 2011 Apple named Instagram app of the year
4. Every second one new individual signs up to Instagram
5. On the 12th of April 2012 Instagram was sold for 1 billion in cash and stocks to Facebook
6. To date over 1 billion photos have been taken with the app
7. Over 58 photos are uploaded to Instagram every second
8. There are over 40 million Instagram users worldwide
9. It took Facebook 4 years to hit 100 million users, it took Instagram 1 year and 6 months
10. When Instagram launched for the Android it amassed over 3 million new users over night
11. Instagram is the world’s biggest only mobile network
12. Roughly 5 million photos are uploaded every day
13. There are over 575 likes every second
14. An average of 81 comments are posted per second
15. Facebook paid roughly 28$ for each one of Instagram’s users

Facebook bought Instagram for $1b, if you were in Mark Zuckerberg’s shoes would you have done them same? What companies/up-and-coming apps would you have bought?

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