3 Reasons why you should cheat on Facebook with Google+

I was out with a friend for a bite to eat yesterday evening and while they were in the bathroom I decided to whip out my phone and share a Google+ update. When they returned I still had my phone out tapping away at the screen.

“Who are you texting?” my friend asked. “No one” I replied, “I’m putting something up on Google+”. “Sure there’s no one even on that” my friend rebutted, “what’s the point?”

This momentarily stopped me in my tracks. Yes, he was correct in what he said. I have maybe ten of my close friends who are on Google+. Seven joined for the hype when it was first launched, two use it maybe once or twice a week and the other uses it daily like myself.

But why bother using Google+? It’s a ghost town!

I love Google+. It took some getting used to though I’ll admit. Unlike Facebook and Twitter who I took to immediately Google+ has required some dedication and focus in order to get “in the flow” of posting and checking my stream. If you’re not on Google+ I’m about to give you three reason why you should be.

It integrates beautifully with other Google products

This is one of my favourite features of Google+. I use a lot of Google products and the way things integrate is convenience at its finest. Let’s take, for example, I’m in checking my Gmail I can click directly into Google+ through an icon on the top left hand side of the page.

Once I’m on Google+ if I fancy sharing something I can add a pictures, video, article or the standard text share when I want to share something “insightful”. Let’s say I was to upload a picture, one of the options available to me is to choose a picture from my Google Drive folder. Handy or what?

I absolutely love the YouTube integration. It couldn’t be any better. Once you click on the YouTube option as can be seen below a search bar pops up and you can enter whatever you’re looking for. When the results come up all you have to do is click on the video you want to share and it adds directly to your update.


The Google+ app will blow you away

I hate the Facebook app, it’s an absolute disaster and extremely frustrating. It’s slow and just a pain to use in general. The Google+ app is where it’s at. It’s slick, easy to use but most of all it’s fast. You can share a thought, image or video, add your location and view your stream.

A big plus (pun intended) is the messenger feature. Something that frustrates Facebook app users the world over is having to switch from the main Facebook app over to the messenger app when you want to chat to friends. Having both in the one spot is the business. The Google+ messenger section allows you to chat with friends without any lag time in between from the comfort of the one app.

Keep your friends close with circles

The Google+ search option allows you to keep your friends close and your friends who aren’t really friends not so close. You know the way it is. We’re all the same whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter whatever we all have people connected to us who, let’s be honest, aren’t really friends.

It’s more a courtesy add/accept and but then they can see everything you post. You’re tempted to delete/block/not accept but then you worry they’ll somehow know. Well with Google+ you can avoid the awkwardness of having to delete someone.

It’s called Google+ Circles. Circles enable you to add people to specific circles then share content that only people in those circles can see. So, for example, a friend circle and a work circle. A pretty cool way of managing the different people you have connected to you whether they be friend of foe.

So there you have it. Join Google+ if you haven’t already and get active. Things are only going to get better, it is Google after all. The only thing Google+ is really lacking at the moment is more users everything else is 100% spot on from a usability point of view. When Google+ does eventually recieve the users that it deserves it’s going to be a monstor and it’s onyl a matter of time before people start catching on.

Have you tried Google+? What do you think of it compared to Facebook?