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If you are reading this post its likely you have been asked for content for your website by your web developer. For a lot of business owners this sets the stress-o-meter to 12! You barely have enough time in your day to bless yourself, and now you have to type out content?! What should you write? Surely that’s a marketing person’s job?

In reality creating the content for the pages on your website is not a difficult task for someone who knows your business once they adhere to the guideline tips below.

#1 – One page, one product or one service

Google (and the other search engines) look at each page of your website as an individual entity. That means that every page you have on your website is a new opportunity for your website to rank for a particular key phrase.

To put it another way you should only have one product or service you offer per page. Bundling all your products or services onto one page called “Services” (or “Products”), is about as much use, from an SEO standpoint, as an ashtray on a motorbike.

This is more of a Golden Rule, than a tip: One Page, One Product/Service.

#2 – Grab your visitors Attention

Working on the assumption that your website has been setup properly, headlines will stand out from the rest of your content and will be the first thing that your visitor’s eye is drawn to when they land on a product/services page.

Think of headlines that will really grab your visitor’s attention and also hook their interest in the rest of the content on your page. Use lots of headlines to break up your content.

#2– Focus on the “Benefits”

Most internet users have a really short attention span. Don’t waste the precious seconds you have by waffling and including content that doesn’t immediately answer your visitor’s question: “what’s in it for me?”

They are on your page for a reason: make sure you quickly tell them that you have what they need and how what you do will benefit them. Once that’s done, you can tell them how you’re different & better than your competitors.

First focus on the benefits of your product or service to the reader (aka your ideal customer).

#3 – Making your page SEO friendly is simple!

At a fundamental level SEO’ing your product page content is really quite simple, so long as you remember that Google are just trying to provide the best possible search results for their users. The only way that Google have to figure out what your page is all about is by the text you use on it.

So by clearly describing the benefits and features of your products or services you will be 80% of the way there already.

In the exact same way each page should be about only one product, each page should have its own keyphrase. Pick a different one for each page that describes what that page is about and as much as possible make sure its a “buying key phrase”.

A “buying” keyphrase is a keyphrase that signals the intent to buy of the person searching.

Keyphrases – Buying keyphrases:
Search Engine Optimisation – SEO Services
Kettlebells – Cheap Kettlebells

#4 – Don’t Waffle!

Your website visitors have severe and chronic Attention Deficit Disorder. You have between 5 – 8 seconds to catch their attention and show them you have what they need.

Don’t waste the opportunity.

Remember they are thinking “what is in this for me?” If you aren’t answering that question you are “waffling”. By all means talk about your company and tell your visitors/prospects why they should choose you but do it in the context of why it’s a good idea for them.

#5 – Have a Call To Action

EVERY page should have a call to action at the bottom of the page. In some cases it may even make sense to have multiple calls to action scattered throughout your copy.

A “Call To Action” is simply where you instruct the reader to do something. This can be a text link or even better a button that really stands out from the rest of the page.

Product & Services Product Page Content Creation Template

To further help you I’ve put together a template document designed to help make creating your website content a breeze. You can download it for free, no strings attached by clicking on the link below:

Lime Canvas Product & Services Page Content Creator

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