6 Tips to Improve your Facebook Business Page

At Lime Canvas we’re all about progress. If you’re not growing, improving and striving to be better, faster, stronger you can bet there’s competition out there who are, and they’d be delighted to take your customers off your hands. We love helping businesses enhance their digital presence and maximise their on-line potential whether it be through web design, great content, SEO or social media.

Today we’ll be giving you six Facebook business page tips, that with the right help, will improve your Facebook presence very quickly! Maybe even inside of 10 minutes.

Step 1 – Claim your Facebook URL

If your unsure about what a Facebook URL is check out your Facebook business page and take a look at the link in the address bar. An example of a Facebook page that hasn’t claimed a vanity URL would be one such as:


Compare that link to www.facebook.com/LimeCanvas . It’s cleaner, neat and most importantly it’s branded.

It’s also more search engine friendly and allows you to maintain consistency across different social media platforms such as Twitter and Google+. If you want to claim your Facebook business page URL then check out this easy to use guide.

Step 2 – Fully Complete your About section

In the “About” section of your Facebook business page you have plenty of space to tell the world all about what it is you do. Now is not the time to be shy. There are a number of fields you can put details into, but the main two are About and Description. To access these simply hover over the About section

Use the About space strategically and populate it with your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). This is what page visitors will see when they land on your timeline.

In the Description section you have more space to elaborate on what makes your company great. Insert relevant keywords to your business in order to maximize search potential.

Step 3: Maximise Your Tabs

Facebook give you the opportunity to have 12 different content sub pages (sometimes called Tabs or Apps) on your Facebook page. There is a huge amount you can do with these Tabs. By default only 4 are shown with a small arrow to expand the view so you can see all the available Tabs. At a minimum you should make sure that you have 4 tabs with content in them.

Give your audience a reason to want to Like your Facebook page.

Coca Cola do this very well with their page by adding Tabs for Videos, Events, Customer Stories (does your business have customer testimonials?), amongst other things.

Facebook allows you to set up Tabs for Events, Notes, Videos and Groups, but you can also setup Tabs that pull content from elsewhere on the web.

For example you can host competitions using 3rd party apps, or you can have a developer create Tabs for you. Here at Lime Canvas we build and host Tab applications for our clients. This is not an expensive service and it can really make a huge difference to your brand’s effectiveness on Facebook.

Step 4: Always post photos

According to PageLever’s research as little as 7% of your pages’ fans will actually see the page’s updates daily. This is because of EdgeRank, the Facebook News Feed algorithm that determines what people see when they log in to their Facebook account. But don’t despair  there are ways to increase the number of fans that see your updates.

One such way is to always post the right type of content, or more specifically: images.

According to Social Media Examiner in an article about EdgeRank, photo’s are loved most by people and Facebook alike. Got something to say? Write it on a photo and post the update as a photo.

Step 5: Add an email opt-in tab

Okay so this task depending on your expertise and what email delivery provider you are using may not be possible to complete in 10 minutes, but never the less, this is too important a point to leave out. Facebook is a sleeping giant. Just like all of the social networks. You do something they don’t like, even unwittingly and they can just shut down your page without any warning.

You do not own your Facebook fans. You do however, own an email list you’ve built. An email list has direct revenue value to your business. I would encourage you to put together an incentive and create an opt-in page where people can join up to your email list in exchange for something you can give them.

Maybe a report on something your target customers would be interested in? Or an ebook, white paper, vector graphics pack, etc etc.

Step 6: Consider getting professionally designed graphics

This is optional but just like everywhere else on the web with your brand attached to it, Facebook is a place where your prospects are potentially going to interact with your company & brand. A Facebook page that is designed by a professional looks exactly like that: professional.

Check out the concept designs for one of our new “never-been-seen-before” Facebook page tabs to get a feel for what I mean:

While it most certainly will take a decent graphic designer more than 10 minutes to whip up some sexy graphics for your Facebook tab, planning what tabs you want to have and a rough outline of what each tab should contain could be wrapped up in less than 10 mins.

Could your Facebook Page’s look and feel do with an overhaul? Paste your Facebook page URL into the comments below and get some free advice/feedback on it.