Absolutely Crazy Cool Rope Swing

This week because its the May bank holiday weekend, I’ve picked a couple of videos that are not promoting a particular product or brand to get you nice and relaxed and ready to have fun! Despite not being “ads” and as a consequence not having an ad budget, these videos are amazingly well made, more viral than an airplane full of Flu patients and really, really fun to watch.

Personally I’m a huge fan of Devin the filmmaker behind both of these movies. If you want crazy, sexy, cool as a backdrop to a new viral video campaign you’re thinking of creating, then this guy is the guy to call.

Below the Rope Swing video’s I’ve also included the Behind The Scene’s/Making Of videos he’s released, just so you can get a flavour of how much work and preparation actually goes into making one of these videos. These video’s are as interesting as the viral ones themselves.

So without further ado, onwards to the fun…

Viral Video #1: The Crazy 150ft Rope Swing

Oh how I wish I could have been at the making of this video.

This video is the original rope swing, released in Feb 2012, it has more than 20.3 million views. [edit: Devin claims in a making of video that this number is actually 50million views, which I’m guessing is down to copies being put up] I think its fair to say that virally speaking it has been a massive success.

Viral Video #2: The 450ft Most Insane Rope Swing Ever

This rope swing is absolutely insane. I can completely empathise with the girl who couldn’t conquer her fear and jump…more on that in the making of video.

Viral Video #3: Behind the Scenes of the 150ft Rope Swing

Well worth a watch to see why you shouldn’t try this at home kids…also there’s a proposal!

Viral Video #4: Behind the scenes of the Insane 450ft Rope Swing

Watch to the end and let me know if you think she’ll “thank him” eventually ????

Its a wrap!

And with that its a wrap for another week.

Would you have joined in and jumped from either of those ledges?