And the winner of our €10,000 prize is…

Firstly a BIG Christmas-y, icing sugar frosted Thank You to everyone who entered our competition, told their friends and family about our competition, and generally spread the word about what we were up to.  We heart you big big.

I am delighted to announce that we finally arrived at a decision. It’s been really really tough getting to this point because we got so many great entries. It was nothing short of inspirational to hear from you all; people who are clearly passionate about what you do day in and day out.

More than that, all of you venture forth into the unknown each day, ready to do battle to grow your business, carve out a name for yourselves and change your worlds. You are to be commended and we salute you.

So what started out as hundreds became 8 short-listed entries. Of the short-list, Wil and I both agreed that 2 entrants demonstrated over the course of the competition that they were the most suitable for the prize.

HOWEVER, before I announce who the main winner is I want to take a moment to say that although you may not have come first in this competition, to us here at Lime Canvas, each and every one of you is a winner.

As such you should be rewarded!

So, in the coming days everyone who entered the competition will receive an invitation, and also a secret competition bonus that I think you will all like (so keep an eye on your Inbox later this week).

The invitation will be for a free consultation in January where we can have a discussion about your business and what you really need web wise.

Two VERY important points about this:

1)      Advice will be dispensed freely and without agenda.

It’s a thank you for taking the time to enter our competition and for spreading the word. There will be no sales pitch, but I will tell you what we would recommend doing were we in your shoes. If you ask I will also tell you what it would cost for us to do the work.  This is for comparative purposes so you can shop the market with a baseline.

This has a value of €123.

2)      No obligation – No pushiness

The reason I am going to send out an invitation as opposed to just emailing you directly about your business is because then the ball is in your court. If you want the free advice you will have all the information you need to get it.

If you don’t want it, all you have to do is delete my email!

So, let’s get back to why we’re here!

And the Winner is…

Everyone! Didn’t you read my bit above?

However, the two companies that we felt presented the best entries for eCommerce AND were very active online & in coming back to us, were (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER):

Irelands Raw Kitchen
Carter Beauty

Wil and I are both foodies so we both loved what Niall and his crew are doing over at Ireland’s Raw Kitchen. As a project we feel that IRK (as we’ve been calling you ???? ) have a really interesting value proposition and there is absolutely no doubt in our minds that this will be a business to watch in 2013.

I should also stress that we both agreed that a really awesome cutting edge e-commerce store could play a massive role in developing your brand, developing new routes to market and hopefully to develop a very big marketplace internationally.

Carter Beauty made it into our super shortlist because in a time when beauty salons are feeling the pinch Marissa is forging ahead, releasing her own beauty products and finding clever ways to multiply her marketing efforts.

Marissa really demonstrated a can-do attitude, lots of smarts and a determination to be successful. Already very strong on social media and having built her existing website herself, we feel very confident that we would hit the ground running with Carter Beauty.

Enough of the Waffle Neil, WHO GETS THE PRIZE?

That’ll be revealed in our 3 part blog post series starting tomorrow!!

Okay don’t lynch me I’m just joking!

Our prize of €10,000 eCommerce and digital marketing, by a very narrow margin goes to Carter Beauty.

What now?

If you entered the competition but didn’t win the main prize, and didn’t read all of my post above you should go back up to the heading As Such You Should Be Rewarded to find out details!

In January we will begin the complete makeover of Carter Beauty’s web presence. We will put a strategy in place which we will execute on in Q1 and 2 next year. We will be blogging about our progress here and I hope the end result will be a really detailed case study in how the on-line element of a product business should be set up.