Arnie & Windows 8

Welcome along to this weeks installment of Viral Video Friday, where I share cool, funny, interesting and thought provoking viral video’s that are taking the world by storm.

This week I’ve got Arnold Schwarzenegger pumping up YouTube’s Comedy Week in only the way Arnie can – the man is a legend in fairness to him. Followed quickly by a video from Microsoft about Windows 8 where I’m going to guess its unlikely that you will understand a single word! I didn’t at any rate.

So grab yourself a hot mug of your beverage of choice, put your feet up and ease yourself into the weekend with 5 minutes of smiling!

 Video #1: Arnie Pumps Comedy Week

First discovered on the 13th May this video has almost 3.7million views.

Video #2: Windows 8: Beautiful and Fast

Microsoft say that you don’t have to choose between speed and beauty, you just need to headbutt a desk! So, same as Windows Vista then!

Something about that ad makes me uncomfortable. What do you make of it?