Boost Sales With A Google Places Voucher

We’re assuming that you already have a Google Business listing.  If you don’t have one you might want to read the previous article that will guide you through creating a UK Google Business listing.

Getting Started

Let’s get started on creating your first offer.

Open up your listing on Google Places at

The screen is split into two tabs Dashboard and Offers.

If you don’t see any tabs, don’t worry, we’ve had that problem before too.  For some reason if you have your location set to “English (United Kingdom)” the tabs don’t show.

Simply change your location at the top RHS of the dashboard to “English (United States)” and the tabs will appear.

Open up the Offers tab.

Creating A New Offer

Click on “Add new offer” to get started.

Google provides some helpful advice on what to include and what not to include in your offer so it’s a good idea to read the Editorial Guidelines before completing the form.

As you enter your offer details a preview of your listing will appear on the RHS so you can easily review and edit the content to suit your needs.

Grabbing Attention

Creating an offer takes a bit of time and thought as you have to get your message across clearly and concisely.  The offer space is limited so use it to your best advantage.

Here’s an example.

You can choose only the Printable option if you need to collect vouchers, otherwise the Mobile option works just as well.

Once finished, all of your offers will be displayed under the Offers tab.

You have the option to Pause offers which will stop them from showing on your business listing.  This is ideal if your offer is based on a limited supply.

Happy offerings!