Competition Update #2

Just a quick update today to announce that I have now sent out all of the 2nd round questions to all short list competition entrants. If  you have received an email from us asking questions please make sure to have returned your answers no later than Close of Business on Friday. We’re only looking for brief, approximate answers, so it shouldn’t take long.

The responses to our questions will be treated in the strictest of confidence and in case this hasn’t already been taken as said, we will NOT under any circumstances share any competition entrant’s details, email address, question answers or any communications received from or for competition entrants with anybody outside of Lime Canvas.

We are going to take the weekend and if we need it the start of next week to assess the responses to our questions.

Why go to all this hassle?

A fine question, and one I asked myself many times when I was taking a more detailed look at the existing websites and initial competition entry comments of the businesses on the short list.

The answer, although possessing many different criteria, is actually quite simple: We are looking to create something truly awesome and we want to carefully make every effort to find a winner who gives the overall project the best chance of achieving that.

The most important thing to remember is that we are NOT just looking for someone who will let us build them a new website for their business. This is not a fire and forget prize. We will be working alongside the winner for 6 months, but without somebody to lead the charge (i.e. the winner) then the project’s chance of success is diminished.

I’m not going to get into the exact criteria that we’re using to choose a winner because some people have submitted the answers to their questions and others have not yet. I don’t want it to be unfair to those who have already submitted.