Developing and Managing WordPress Content

At the February WordPress Sydney central meetup Dan Radigan @danradigan, self confessed Agile content geek at Atlassian’s San Francisco office, gave a talk on how to optimise content in your WordPress blog,  gaining a better reach to your readers using Google Analytics as well as some tips on managing WordPress content.

Peter Shilling @PShilling of The DMA concluded with a talk about on-page SEO for your WordPress content.

If you missed the Meetup and would like to find out more, we’ve recorded the session and have made it available for all as a downloadable audio file.  It’s not the best quality.  Apologies for that.

Audio Player

Download the Mp3 audio file (76MB)Dan’s slides can be found at

Peter’s slides can be found at

If you would like to find out more about WordPress and the WordPress Sydney Meetup, come along and join the Meetup group.