Dove Real Beauty Sketches & Spock

Welcome to this weeks examination of worlds viral marketing campaigns. Time to grab a mug of scald and put your feet metaphorically up for a few minutes.

This week I have two very interesting video’s but for completely different reasons.

First up is the latest ad from Dove which is a brilliant concept that really fits in with what they’ve been doing brand wise over the last couple of years. Dove understand that their customers are mostly women so their messaging for this viral is “Women, you are more beautiful than you think you are”.

Video #1: Dove Real Beauty Sketches

There is a 3 min and a 6 min version of this video and I’ve put them both below. You need to watch to the end so if you can’t spare 6 mins go for the 3min version.

3min version:

6min version:

Video #2: Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy

I need to admit upfront that I’m a Star Trek fan and a massive fan of Audi. However, I’m also a fan of smart, creative, clever or ingenuitive viral video ads. This one feels a bit contrived and a tad overcooked for my liking, only almost being redeemed by the last scene. Although then again maybe Leonard Nimoy does go around parody’ing himself all the time…

The first video had creativity and really clever adaptation of the Dove messaging, this one seems to have tried to compensate for creativity by capitalising on the current interest in the upcoming release of the new Star Trek movie.

I’d be very keen to hear what you think the message in this video is supposed to be? Also the Dove ad, genius or patronising?