€10,000 Competition Short List

Competition Short List

First of all, I want to say a big thanks to everyone who took time out of their busy day to enter our competition  Its been a truly uplifting experience to read about what you are hoping to achieve with your businesses.

Wil and I have now had a chance to look over the entries and have begun the debate as to which we feel is going to be the winning entry. I will be in touch at some point next week with each of the people on the short list below to ask further questions about your vision for your website should you win.

Before I release the short list however I’d like to share some interesting facts about the competition entries.

Interesting Stats:

Some fun facts about our competition, some of which I found very surprising:

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  • 99% of the people who applied demonstrated passion about what they are trying to do and we love that. Yes believe it or not we got one entry that was so brief we don’t know if the entrant is passionate about what they do!
  • There were entries for on-line stores to sell: Clothing, Hand Painted Scarves, Accommodation, Drinking cups, Music, Beauty Products, Training, an Assortment of Services, Food, Kids stuff, Printing, Jewellery, Gardening stuff, Happiness, Home stuff & home appliances, Sports Memorabilia and even a Chamber of Commerce entered!
  • Only 55% of people that Completed Step 1 went on to complete the Step 2 form.
  • 32% of all our applications were for websites where e-commerce would NOT be the most suitable platform for the business


A Promise:

I was genuinely surprised by the number of non-ecommerce sites that entered and it occurred to me that perhaps not everyone really understands the benefit that an eCommerce platform brings.

I will be in touch with everyone (by email or phone) who entered the competition, but didn’t get short listed as a result of their entry suggesting they needed a different type of website. (i.e. an e-commerce store is probably not the best solution). My goal is to set you right in terms of what it is you need so that you are informed when it comes time to speak to web developers.

The Short List:

Congratulations if your name is on the list below and commiserations if it is not.

Please read the section underneath the list as well.

In no particular order the companies that have made it through are:

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  • Irelands Raw Kitchen
  • Carter Beauty
  • SuperHands
  • Living Simple
  • Alice M Jewellery
  • The secret garden
  • The Nursery
  • Design your Own

[/lc-list]I will be contacting you all on an individual basis to ask some more questions to help us pick a winner.

At this point in time I think its fair to say that we would love to work on all of the projects above, but the deal is that we have to pick one. I certainly have a favourite or two but I’m keeping a completely open mind until we have collected the answers to our follow up questions. Also we will take any favourable comments below into consideration, so if anyone loves you for business reasons, now’s the time to call in that favour they owe you ????

If you feel that any of the short listed entries above deserve to win please help them by leaving us a comment to let us know why you think they should win.