Evian Dancing Babies & Roller Babies

Welcome to this week’s Viral Video post – your weekly 15 minute joy injection at the end of a long work week.

This week we have two video’s that are no doubt a LOT more fun to watch than they were to make. Both ads are from Evian, the water company, and both contain babies doing crazy, choreographed stuff.

First up is the new ad called Baby & Me – the new Evian film.

Viral Video #1: Baby & Me

This video went live on the 19th April this year and already has 35 million views on YouTube. Its been shared 1.48 million times on Facebook and 48,000 on Twitter. Most of the viral video’s I write about are predominantly shared by English speaking people, but not this one! English accounted for 39% of the buzz but the balance was shared almost equally by Spanish, Portuguese and French speakers.

I guess the lesson is if you have an international brand and you want to do a viral video, make it cute and tell your story without words.

Viral Video #2: Evian Roller Babies

This video is where it all started for the relationship between posh water and infants! Released back in 2009, this is still an amazing video. Even more so because it stars actual babies. More on that in the next clip.

Getting stats on this is very difficult because Evian released a number of different versions of the video, also they chose not to share the stats with the public. The International version of the ad had 66.5 million views, the US version and a French version which had almost 5.7 million views.

Viral Video #3: Behind the Scenes of Roller Babies

This one is just for a flavour of what’s involved with producing a video like Roller Babies. Thought the babies were CGI? Check it.


Viral Video #4: Bonus – Cast Interviews

In my research I came across this video which I thought was funny so I thought I’d throw it in to the post as a bonus. Vincent is hilarious!

And with that, its a wrap for another week.

Let us know in the comments if you think all their work was worth it?