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Since the start of this year the Harlem Shake meme’s have become a massive viral sensation with seemingly everyone and their aunty creating one. Its uber low brow but more fun and more viral than the Winter Vomiting Bug in a room full of projectile vomiting children!

This weeks post is going to be low on commentary and high on video content, so buckle your seat belt and get your headphones ready!

Viral Video #1: The Original that started the craze

A group of skaters called The Sunny Coast Skate started this whole thing off with this video:

This video has had 20,652,570 views.

Viral Video #2: Miami Heat edition

37,846,237 people have watched that video on YouTube and its currently the most virulent video on the Interweb as I write this post with a whopping 1.465 million shares on the various social networks.

Viral Video #3: Manchester City Football Club

6.5 million views on YouTube and almost a 1/4 of a million shares on Twitter and Facebook combined.

Viral Video #4: Norwegian Army

55.7 million views from almost 1.5 million shares on Facebook and Twitter.

Viral Video #5: Obama Harlem Shake!

Viral Video #6: Firefighter Edition

Viral Video #7: Alledged Top 10 Harlem Shakes

I’m not convinced these are the top ten, but some of them are definitely nuttier than a bag of squirrel shit.

So, any plans to stage your own Harlem Shake?