How Much Does a Website Cost?

How much does a website cost?


“I recently emailed a quote request out to a whole bunch of web design companies, and got quotes ranging from €800 to €3,600 back in response! I can’t believe that these companies are going to provide the same end result with such a wide difference. How much should a website cost?” 

This is a very common occurrence and your experience is not unique. Accurately pricing a web development project is something that can be tricky to do and the reality is that unless you have sat down with a developer and talked through what you are hoping to do with them (be it on the phone or in person) then it is unlikely that they will have quoted you correctly.

The challenge for you as a buyer is that even when you get your quotes back they may have different levels of detail as to what is included. They may also be using different technology which raises the further (and VERY important) question of which one is more suitable for your business?

The thing to remember as a buyer is that when you buy a website, what you are actually paying for is the time it takes your developers & designers to create the professional looking website for you.

Some questions you should have answers to before choosing your developer:

How much experience do they have building sites similar to the one you want?

Take a look at the web developers portfolio and their testimonials, to see what type of work they do and what their client’s have to say about them.

More experience means that the developer will get your website built more quickly, to a higher standard and they will be able to handle more complex features. Less experience possibly means that the prices will be cheaper but the risk you are exposing your business to is also greater.

What server technology are they planning to build your website on?

If you want a WordPress powered website it should be built on a Linux server, not a Windows one. There are a number of different CMS (Content Management Systems) available today and depending on who you talk to each has their own set of virtues.

We specialise in WordPress here at Lime Canvas because we believe it is the most user-friendly, powerful and flexible CMS available today. Also there is a massive awesome community of users and developers, which can be a huge benefit if anything ever goes wrong.

What is this developer going to do, that will help you get traffic, increase conversions and engagement on your website?

Are they going to setup and configure Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics for you?
Is there any on-page SEO included in the price?
Will your social media accounts be integrated into your website?
Are they integrating an email marketing opt-in form somewhere on your website?
Which person is actually going to be doing the development work on your website?

If the answer to any of the questions above is No, then I’d recommend you run a mile.

Is the developer going to build you a completely unique website or just modify an available theme?

Again remember what you are buying is the developers time. If they are just modifying a theme that already exists your new website will not be entirely unique but it will take less time to build which means it will probably be cheaper. The downside is that there may very well be dozens of other websites online that look very similar to yours.

Is the developer using automated technology to build your website?

There are applications that can rapidly create CSS and HTML documents based on image files. While to the uninitiated these tools seem very handy and a real time saver, however they do not produce clean, high quality code, which means you will most probably experience problems down the road.

I’m a big fan of automating things where possible to increase efficiencies but this is not one area that should be automated.

How does the quote compare to a similar quote from Lime Canvas?

At Lime Canvas we price all of our potential projects carefully. We always aim to weigh up what’s needed with the scope of budget to ensure our client’s get the maximum amount of bang for their buck!

We’d be happy to take a look at your quote and advise you if you are getting good value or not.

If you’d like us to do that please just let us know here

Have you had a difficult time choosing a web development firm in the past? Crazy quotes?