Old Spice Viral Videos

This weeks Viral Video post is a slight departure from the norm. Usually I post two video’s around a theme, but this week the company Old Spice kept a running theme and did all sorts of cool interactive stuff with their video’s, all based around the character in the original ads.

Old Spice created 7 viral video ads and I have put the most popular ones below for your entertainment and educational pleasure.

Video Ad 1

So first up is the video that launched a thousand videos…all right well maybe not a thousand videos but lots. With heading for 44million views, I think its fairly safe to say that Old Spice struck a chord and hit the viral jackpot with this video. Check it out here:

Video Ad 2

The second ad I’ve chosen is the 2nd most popular ad in the series with 23 million views, but my personal favourite.

Video Ad 3

3rd video managed to get just shy of 9 million views. You can see why here:


There are 4 other video’s but they are basically just variations on the above themes. If you’re interested you can view them here.

Where this campaign gets really interesting

Most viral video campaigns are imagined, signed off on, funds allocated and then they’re made.  They get uploaded to YouTube and the company tracks the response and analysis their results in line with whatever KPI’s they’ve agreed upon at the outset. Not Old Spice though. They decided to monitor what people were saying about the brand on Twitter and targeted people with large twitter followings to get them to engage and thereby putting the brand out in front of all of their followers.

Kevin Rose tech entrepreneur and famous for Digg, the social bookmarking site, was first up, and why not with nearly 1.4 million followers on Twitter.

@Kevinrose tweeted: “i’m considering buying old spice body wash just so they keep making these epic commercials –http://bit.ly/K87jz “

In response Old Spice released this video:

@aplusk, which is Ashton Kutcher’s (the actor) Twitter account has 13 million fans. Ashton said on Twitter:

“If you don’t feel better after this@kevinrose I don’t know what will help http://bit.ly/bZn4hu”

In response Old Spice gave some advice about avoiding man-flu that involved lions in africa. Naturally!

Ellen DeGeneres said on Twitter:  @TheEllenShow wrote “Have ya’ll seen my friend@IsaiahMustafa‘s new Old Spice commercial? So funny and so clever. http://bit.ly/avcpGA ”

In response Old Spice created this amusing video for her & her 15million followers:

There are LOADS more, far too many for a blog post but luckily you can watch them all one after the next on YouTube here

Pretty impressive right? Any favourites from the bunch?