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API Integration WordPress Web Design Project

Challenge, one of Ireland’s leading car insurers wanted to launch a pilot value-add service to their customer base. They wanted to help their customers make better buying decisions when purchasing a used car. To this end they bought and needed a WordPress Web Design Company to bring a pilot site very quickly to market to test this idea. In addition to being able to query a 3rd party database of used car information, we also needed to query a financial records database, generate a PDF report and record which 123 customer care agent ran the report so that their line manager could have the necessary business intelligence.


We built a really nice looking website that integrated with a 3rd party API provided by Risk Intelligence a financial data and risk analysis company based in Dublin. In the back end Managers had access to all the data created as the customer care team of more than 300 agents ran reports for their customers.

The project was a great success as we delivered not only a beautiful website experience but also a highly efficient custom plugin that pulled information from external APIs and generated PDF reports.

Custom Built From the Ground Up

Custom Design & Functionality


WordPress Design


API Integration & Custom Coding

Day Turnaround

Custom Design & Functionality – 3rd Party API Integration

Mobile Responsive

Beautiful look and feel that works and looks fantastic across all devices from smart phones to desktop computers and everything in between.

3rd Party API Integration

Complex custom functions to integrate with two separate 3rd party API’s pulling data into a PDF report, generated on the fly.

Great Results

The client was very happy with the end product as presented. We wish them all the best with their test.

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