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Mobile Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Store Design


The Buff Day Spa is a busy e-commerce store and day spa in Dublin, Ireland. Wanting to update the look & feel to make their site more mobile friendly, The Buff Day Spa hired us to modernize their user experience.


This project was a strictly design based project. We had previously built the ecommerce store for The Buff Day Spa and all of that functionality and data was still working great. The design however had become less and less mobile friendly and needed to be updated. Being a Day Spa, this client takes their user’s experience very seriously. In the Spa customers have a luxurious experience. This was to be similar to how users on their site also felt.

Design with a focus on Mobile Experience

Re-designed from the ground up


WordPress Theme Design


eCommerce Design

Day Turnaround

Web Design built for Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Mobiles

Mobile Responsive

The Challenge in this project was mostly around design. We need to completely re-imagine the design, pulling in modern styles, while at the same time retaining the feeling of luxury and comfort.

On-page SEO

All Lime Canvas websites are built with industry leading search engine optimization.

Great Results

We’re proud of how we’ve married the best parts of the old look and feel with the new parts of the new company branding.

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