Protect your Mobile Devices with Prey

Prey is a fantastic open source tool that helps keep track of mobile devices if they are stolen.

With mobile devices becoming even more sophisticated, their price tag is increasing too and this makes them a prime target for thieves.

The open source software developed by Fork Ltd is a lightweight client which installs onto a rage of mobile devices and helps recover lost or stolen devices.

If your device is stolen, the software can be activated form a Web dashboard.

The local client will try to connect via WIFI, SMS and GPS, determining it’s location and sending that information back to the dashboard.

The local device’s camera can also be activated in an attempt to take a photo of the thief.

Prey provides clients for Windows, Android, Mac Os, iOs, Linux and Ubuntu, however, as the code is open source if you have the know-how then you can compile the client for your own system.