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We love infographics, who doesn’t?! I can honestly say I’m addicted at this stage I literally spend 10 minutes per day browsing through them and pinning them on Pinterest. What I love about infographics is not only do they look great and house some cool information but their share potential is through the absolute roof. Also their ability to display information that would otherwise look bland and boring as a list of bullet points looks incredibly attractive and far more interesting in infographic form.

Today’s infographic is all about the use of social media in Ireland. It was created by these guys and has to be one of the first Irish infographics to hit the web. Surely it’s only a matter of time before the infographic craze consumes Ireland and dedicated Irish infographics begin to emerge. Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy.

Anything to add to the above infographic? What do you think about infographics and their ability to go viral?