The Lime Canvas Manifesto

Whataya mean, Manifesto?

[lc-quote width=”80%” author=”” position=”.” url=”” img=””]man·i·fes·to
noun, plural man·i·fes·toes.
a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives, as one issued by a government, sovereign, or organization.[/lc-quote]

Lime Canvas didn’t happen by accident. The merger of Web Sales Marketing and GravitationalFX was a 9 month journey, involving a lot of planning and good faith. Ultimately the reason it happened was because both companies shared a vision for what we wanted to achieve. More than that, we shared a vision of the type of business we wanted to build, and the values that we would stand true to in the development of that vision. We worked hard to plan and implement our processes and systems so that we could offer our clients the best and most transparent experience possible.

We examined our previous business and discussed, at length, how we could improve every product/service we offer in order to add more than what’s expected from us. We surveyed the market place and realised we offered a much better end result, and a boatload more value, than the vast majority of our competitors.

For example – WordPress websites being hacked is a massive issues that hundreds, if not thousands of people deal with every week. And yet we are one of only a tiny handful of companies who do everything possible to secure our client’s websites. Its not something we charge an extra fee for. In fact we don’t even add a line item to the invoice.

Why bother?

This manifesto is a public declaration of what it is we do and the ethos behind how we do it. It is as much for us to remember internally, as it is for you to understand about us externally. Its a charter by which we operate and making it public makes us accountable to it.

That pushes us to try to be better all the time, which is something we feel all companies should do. We are none of us perfect and we do make mistakes but our transparency means we can’t hide from those mistakes. We learn from them, we make things right and we get better. As people and as a company.

So please read on and I’d love to hear your comments at the end…

We’d love to hear your comments on our manifesto and manifesto’s in general. Do you like them or are they just another way to waste time?