This is Water Viral Video

Welcome to your Friday Viral Video post, where I share with you interesting videos I’ve found  that were created and posted on YouTube. It is my hope that you will embrace video marketing and that these video’s will signpost your way to video marketing success.

The most effective learning starts with a question, and the question to ask of any of these video’s is what makes them so popular, so shareable and ultimately so effective.

This week I am only going to share one video with you. Its a video that was made to animate/illustrate an address to the graduating class of Kenyon College in the US in 2005 by David Foster Wallace. David Foster Wallace was an award winning novelist who was cited (Los Angeles Times as being one of the most innovative and influential writers of the last 20 years. He committed suicide in 2008.

The video is really well made and being a great believer in the power of the mind I felt it needed sharing. It’s 9 minutes long but worth every minute. It just hints at how mindset controls your happiness and how thinking can elevate your existence.

When I saw this video I had a hugely different experience to some of the commenters on YouTube. I took a positive message from it and it reminded me about the power of mindset and perspective – and how they can control your emotional state.

Some differing points of view from YouTube include:

“I feel like this speech is just saying that these problems we have are all just necessary and that we should all just deal with them by looking at the world through rose-colored glasses”

“This made me horribly depressed. The speech apologizes for our lifestyle and basically says “it sucks for everyone else, so don’t whine about it”. Instead of what we could do to change everyone’s lives for the better. Sickening video.”

The full speech (20 mins) can be listened to here.

What do you make of the video? Enlightening or depressing?