Top Viral Video – Jennifer Aniston & Honda

As you may not be aware, but probably not overly surprised by, Honda motorcycles and Jennifer Aniston are two of my favourite things, so this weeks viral video post set my heart aflutter  Unfortunately a viral video has not yet been made of Jennifer Aniston driving a Honda motorcycle but I live in hope!

The first video is a tongue in cheek look at viral video’s with the angelic Ms Aniston who is promoting Smart Water – although from the video I’m still not really sure what’s smart about the water. Perhaps its their choice in picking Jennifer Aniston for their viral ad?

Jennifer Aniston – SmartWater 2011

Honda – The Cogs

Our second video is from Honda and is a quite an elaborate domino effect video where Honda have used parts of their vehicles to create the domino effect that has become so popular in these types of videos. This video looks like it was created with a computer to me (CGI) which is cheating to my mind but with more than 4 million views it seems most people don’t seem to care! What do you think?

Which video did you like best this week? Any other cool videos that you’ve come across that are better?