Top Viral Video – KLM & The Invisible Merc

We’ve been toying around with the format of our blog post schedule and our newsletter layouts and so our previously Monday Top Viral Video’s post has now been moved to Fridays! Sure there’s nothing better than a smile or a laugh to kick off your weekend the right way!

So without further ado, please fasten your seat belt for two move viral video’s. First up is a video from KLM where they have a slightly strange value proposition on their business class flight seats. Well their offering seems slightly strange to me anyway!

KLM Personal Space Experiment

KLM send someone out to invade business customer’s personal space to illustrate that we all like our personal space and that business flight passengers like it more than most.

The Invisible Mercedes

The viewer numbers don’t accurately reflect this viral video marketing campaign from Mercedes because the video was uploaded more than once. Now its being hosted by Mercedes TV, which was not its original home. That said the video has won a Grand Prix this year at the “Cannes Lion International Advertising Festival” in the “Outdoor” category for this campaign. The idea? The new Merc has uber low emmissions making it invisable to the environment, or so the good German people at Merc HQ claim.

To celebrate this wonder of environmentally friendly automobility the James Bond-ified a mummy-mobile A-class merc and drove it around. Pretty cool to be fair, so check it out.

Until the next time and if you have come across any really cool viral video’s pop their embed link into the comments below.