Top Viral Videos: Carlsberg Bikers and Skittles Cat

Happy Monday and welcome to the third installment of our Top Viral Videos of the week series. Each week we source and publish two of the coolest viral video’s that promote a company, brand or product. We hope they will entertain, enlighten and open your mind to the possibilities that exist when creative thinking and the right team of people come together to produce a promotional video. So grab a coffee, sit back and take 5 minutes to enjoy this weeks top viral videos.

Carlsberg – Stunt with Bikers in Cinema

My earliest memory of an advertising campaign that made me sit up in my seat and take notice was the “Carlsberg don’t do…. but if they did” TV adverts. The ads were funny, creative and most importantly got people talking. Creating an ad that stops people flicking to the next channel is difficult, especially if they’ve seen it a couple of times before. But that’s what Carlsberg created, a campaign with unlimited watch-ability. I love the Carlsberg ads but this one takes the biscuit. It’s excellent. Such a simple idea yet so, so effective. The video involves 148 bikers in a movie theater in Belgium and some unsuspecting couples.

Skittles – Touch Cat

I love the whole Skittles “Touch” campaign that we’ve been seeing recently. I enjoy them, my friends enjoy them, my parents enjoy them, my little cousins enjoy them, even my Nan enjoys them. That’s one of the reasons they’re so successful, they appeal to the masses. They’ve released a number of adverts around the “touch” theme and all have done incrediably well. This is a little bit different though as it requires the viewer to participate. I’ll say no more. If you have kids they’ll go crazy for this.

What do you make of this weeks top viral videos

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