Top Viral Videos: LED Sheep Art and Animal Cruelty Awareness

Who doesn’t love viral videos, honestly? I’m yet to meet a person who hasn’t found themselves absolutely perplexed by some of the incredible viral videos there are out there. It’s the second of July and we’re into the sixth installment of our Top Viral Videos of the week series. Each week we source and publish two of the coolest viral video’s from around the web that promote a company, brand or product. It’s Monday morning, you’ve earned a break so grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy this weeks top viral videos.

Samsung – Extreme Sheep LED Art

The only word to describe this is awesome. Actually, being honest it’s probably hit epic status. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of time, effort and most importantly patience that it took to create this video. The guys at Samsung took to the hills of Wales with some local shepherds, animal experts and a couple of hundred LED lights to record this viral. Really nice idea, enjoy.

NOAH -Egg Machine

NOAH, a German animal rights organisation, created this viral to highlight the harsh reality of life as a chicken in an egg production factory. They placed a vending machine packed to capacity with chickens in a busy city center to deliver a harrowing message. Chickens are treated like machines. They spend their lives pent up in tiny coups in abysmal conditions and the reality is it happens all over the world. A really effective, hard hitting viral.

— Video has been removed from YouTube  —

What did you think of this weeks top viral videos? Was Samsung’s viral worth the effort?

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