Top Viral Videos: Texting Driving Test and Human Trafficking Awareness

Welcome to the fourth installment of our Top Viral Videos of the week series. Each week we source and publish two of the coolest viral video’s from around the web that promote a company, brand or product. We hope they will entertain, enlighten and open your mind to the possibilities that exist when creative thinking and the right team of people come together to produce a promotional video. So grab a coffee, sit back and take 5 minutes to enjoy this weeks top viral videos;

The impossible texting & driving test

Anyone who’s ever been in a car with me whether it be for five minutes or three hours knows I have a mild dose of road rage. OK, mild may be a slight understatement. People texting and driving is my number one “pet peeve” so to speak closely followed by people who don’t indicate. Texting while driving is dangerous to say the least. I struggle to look at the GPS and that’s mounted on my dashboard. People texting and driving is a serious problem and its something thats dramatically increasing fatal road accidents. Check out this viral made to create awareness about the dangers of texting and driving. Really nicely done and highly effective.

Girls going wild in red light district

It’s been a while since I first saw this video and I actually forgot how good it really was. If there was a formula for creating a top viral video then this would be the end result. Simple, effective and hard hitting. If you haven’t already guessed I absolutely love this video. It lures the viewer into a false sense of security them BAM, hits you with the cold hard facts. So simple yet so incredibly effective. Set in the red light district in Amsterdam this video aims to raise awareness around human trafficking and it does just that.

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