Top Viral Videos: WWF & Tipex

Happy Bank Holiday Monday and welcome to the second installment of our top Viral Videos of the week series. Each and every week here at WSM we source and publish 2 uber cool, viral video’s that promote a company, brand or product. We hope they will entertain, enlighten and open your mind to the possibilities that exist when creative thinking and the right team of people come together to produce a promotional video. So grab a coffee, sit back and take 5 minutes to enjoy this weeks top viral videos.

WWF – The Greenest Leaflet Campaign

I really like this idea. The amount of leaflets I get in my door every week is ridiculous and the vast majority of them go unread and straight into the recycle bin. This campaign by the World Wildlife Foundation was highly successful and cost the company virtually nothing to produce yet went viral. They reached over 280,000 people with just 1 leaflet. Incredible.

Tipex – Shoot the Bear

This is quite possibly one of my favorite online interactive campaigns ever. It’s clever, fun and its share potential is through the roof. Its one of those videos that when you watch it you can’t wait to tell someone about it. It’s quite a random campaign to come out of Tipex who were previously seen as a fairly boring brand. Enjoy and share.

What do you make of this weeks top viral videos