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Welcome along to this weeks instalment of Viral Video Friday. Usually I am encouraging you to grab a cuppa and possibly a Kit Kat (c’mon now its March ???? ) and pull up a chair for 10 mins of semi-downtime at the end of a long week’s slog.

Today is a little different. Today I’m hoping you’ll keep your brain active and engaged. This week I have just one video for you.

If you are a parent with young kid(s) or an uncle/aunt to young ‘uns then I encourage you to watch the whole video below (its 5 mins long). If not, you can just wonder at cool it would be to have mad programming skillz!!

Naturally being a technical company CODE and software are two things very close to our hearts. The “Web” is growing exponentially. As a company its almost impossible for us to find (never mind afford) to hire programmers here in Ireland.

Viral Video: What most schools don’t teach kids

Lets get the stats out of the way before discussing, what they are doing and also Coder Dojo.

The video was produced by which is designed to educate kids and get them into learning programming languages. Great because programming is basically the same as learning a foreign language.

To be a true native speaker of a language you need to learn it before you hit your 20’s – I’m paraphrasing Bill Liao who spoke about Coder Dojo at an event I was at a while back. It makes sense and the same is true of programming. Kids pick it up quicker and if taught young gain an understanding of the language, and bring a creative thinking to code that is rarely seen in older adopters.

New World, New Thinking Required

I actually don’t think it would necessarily be a good idea to integrate programming courses into school, although it would certainly be of more benefit than some of what’s taught in today’s curriculum.

However whether it is ever taught in schools or not, if you have kids, the best gift you can give them is to bring them along to a Coder Dojo session and support their interest if they are into it. Think of the time you’ll spend as a massive investment in their future.

I’d love to hear of your experiences if you’ve been to Coder Dojo so please leave a comment…