Viral Video Friday: Extreme Browser Testing & Extreme Sheparding

The theme of this weeks Viral Video slot is Extreme which is awesome because as we all know when you put the word extreme in front of something it becomes at least 100 times more fun. Especially when it involves farm animals and/or physics.

Both of these ad campaigns obviously had a lot of time, effort and money spent on them both in planning and in execution so probably wouldn’t be suitable for emulating by small to medium sized businesses. However, as inspiration for ideas on how you might promote your own business they score very high across the board in my view.


They take two completely unrelated, and lets face it, boring things and they incorporate an absolutely bat shit crazy idea to make them fun.

So enough of the reading, lets get to the watching!

Google Chrome Speed Test

First up Google were looking to showcase how fast their new browser is, and apparently its faster than a ship getting struck by lightening amongst other things.

To digress just a tad, for just a moment, if you just watched the video and are reading this on Internet Explorer, hopefully you will now be convinced to switch to a decent web browser. Seriously do yourself and the Internet a favour and download chrome and set it up as your default browser.

Extreme Sheep LED Art

With nearly 17.5 million views on YouTube, there’s a good chance you’ve seen this one already but who doesn’t like farm animals? This video proves that dogs are awesome and sheep are meant for more than woolly jumpers and chops!

Yes its amazing really what they were able to achieve using a large number of farmyard animals, but on another level what I find fascinating is that somebody, having come up with this idea, had to pitch it to someone else. Wouldn’t you just love to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation?

“I want to get a big load of sheep and create some sheep art out of them to promote the products”
“You want to do what to the sheep?”
“dress them up in LED coats and make art with them”
“LED coats?”
“Yeah and we can film it. It’ll go viral on YouTube for sure…who doesn’t like sheep”
“That’s a crazy idea, now pass the bong”
“Think of it, people watching LED animals run around their LED screens on YouTube”

For the sceptics check out the sidebar to the right of the video above for a behind the scenes video where the Shepard states that its real and that the dogs did most of the work.

These video’s give you any ideas? Seen any cooler viral video’s recently?