Viral Video Friday – Fiat 500 Motherhood & Driving Dogs

Welcome along to this weeks Viral Videos post, where I pick a few viral video’s that I’ve found on my travels around the web. Its a bit of light work before the weekend that may hopefully give you some idea’s, or just spark thoughts, for things you can implement in your own marketing.

First up this week is my headline video, which I found hilarious, so welcome to The MotherHood.

Video #1 – Welcome To The Motherhood

This video has been live since 13th December and is either designed by Fiat to target Mothers OR to put anyone without kids completely off having them!

In just under one month the video below has gotten more than a quarter of a million shares on Facebook, 5,738 shares on Twitter and has had 139 blog posts written about it (well 140 now I guess! ???? ) If that’s not Viral, well then I’m really an intergalactic space alien. At the time of writing this post the video has had 2.6 million views, but it’s still very early days.

What did you think of it? Make you chuckle?

Video #2 – The Worlds First Driving Dog

Who said you needed opposable thumbs to get stuff done? I guess nobody told Porter, the worlds first driving dog. The idea of man’s best friend driving one home from a night out is an interesting one. Can you imagine the conversation you’d have with the police if your furry chauffeur parked the way he does at the end of this video? I’m pretty sure a video of that would be a YouTube sensation over night.

The video was produced by the SPCA with the message that Dogs this smart deserve a home, a message that personally speaking I couldn’t agree more with.  Published on the 9th of December 2012 this video has had more than twice as many Facebook shares (581k), Tweets (12k) and 230 blog posts written about it.  Interestingly its had 8.2 million views on YouTube, which makes it more successful than the last video.

I guess its true what they say about YouTube and animals. Watch on:

Bonus Video – Kia Soul Hamster

I’m not going to say a huge amount about this video other than to say if you like robots/computer games and party rock anthem, then you’ll probably like this

So what did you think of them? Any favourites? Any marketing lessons learned?