Viral Video Friday: Huge EcoBubble Bear Coca Cola Polar Bears

Welcome along to this weeks Viral Video Friday post, where I pick out a couple of awesome viral video’s that have done exceedingly well from around the web. As you might have guessed from the title, this week’s viral video post is all about Bears! Those massive cuddly looking creatures you would not want to bump into down a dark alley!

First up we have an unsuspecting product promo crew in Manning Park in British Columbia (that’s in Canada) who trekked out to the snow to do a photo shoot of the latest EcoBubble washing machine from Samsung and got a nasty surprise.

Video #1: Huge Bear Surprises Samsung EcoBubble Photo Crew

This video is a mere 4 days old at the time of writing this and its travelling so fast virally that you may have heard a sonic boom at the very start of the video. It’s already had nearly 50,000 people share it on Facebook and over 1500 shares on Twitter!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on why this video is so effective in the comments. (I’ll leave my own commentry until then too so as not to ruin it for anyone who reads this section before watching!

Video #2: Coca-Cola Polar Bears – Ridley Scott

As a movie buff, this one was practically required watching. I’m not sure of the how or the why but the same man that Directed Bladerunner, Gladiator, Hannibal, Prometheus and about 50 other movies of note has created a Coca-Cola Polar Bear movie. This one is 7 mins long so you may want to grab yourself a nice mug of scald before you start!

To me at least there seems to be a moral in the story of acceptance of “people” irrespective of their shape/colour, values one can only guess Coca-Cola want associated with their brand. Beyond that, who doesn’t like dancing baby polar bears and puffins?

This video was released on New Years eve and thusfar has only amassed an approximately similar number of shares on Facebook and Twitter as the last video, despite having been watched twice as many times, and being out for 5 times as long. By my calculations makes it less than half as initially contagious!

How real did that bear in the EcoBubble video look? Cmon admit it, you thought it was a real bear too! Any comments on the meta messages in the Ridley Scott video?