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Welcome along to this weeks Viral Video Friday post. Good Friday for the Christian population of the world but its also great Friday for you Dear Reader because today I have two very entertaining viral video clips for you to enjoy.

Both involve unsuspecting guys and test driving cars. What could possibly go wrong you say ???? .

The first video is a prank video paid for by Pepsi and had me laughing out loud. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Viral Video#1: Pepsi Max & Jeff Gordon Test Drive

I love the way the guys says: lets do it again! at the end.

Discovered on the 12th March this video has had a whopping 31+ million views, so would be considered a runaway success by most brands.

Viral Video #2: Renault Clio Test Drive- Va Va Voom

This is a completely different take on the test drive experience, as this time its the drivers that are unsuspecting! Renault released two versions of this vidoe. One with guys driving and one with ladies driving. Both were released at the same time which makes my inner scientist rejoice because it means we can definitively A/B test elements of what makes viral video’s viral.

First the guys

The stats:

and then for the ladies:

and the stats:

My inner marketing geek loves comparing stats and I think it will be even more interesting to see in 3 months what the various stats on this video’s show as both only came online 2 days ago.

What do you make of the stats? Anything blatantly obvious in there?