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Welcome to this weeks Viral Video Friday post! My weekly look at what is hot in viral marketing videos on the Interwebs. Grab a coffee and prepare yourself for possibly the coolest video I’ve ever published a post about.

Normally I choose a theme and pick some of the hottest video’s about that theme that are around. Usually this is driven by whatever is going on in the world at the time that’s driving the videos. This week things are going to be a little different.

The reason is Google Glass. Here at Lime Canvas we like our techy, nerdy gadgets. We also like really cool/clever stuff and the advancement of mankind through technology.  Personally I believe the smart phone revolutionised the way we as humans exist. Apple took the lead with the iPhone but Google played a big role also with Android. Welcome to 2.0!

My first video today is about Google’s Project Glass. This video is cool not only because its an awesomely constructed video featuring some amazing footage that makes you realise that there is a whole world of things that need trying out there (well it did for me anyway). Its cool because of the possibility this product has of completely re-shaping how we live, once again.

Viral Video #1 – Google Glass

If you’re like me you’ve probably finished watching that video and are thinking “Cool video but WTF is that all about?”

Essentially Google Glass is a high tech head piece that will connect you directly to the power of the Internet. All the stuff you see in the video can be called upon by voice and eye gestures. Some of the functions in the video have the potential to be life changing. Imagine no longer have any language barriers anywhere you travel because you can have Google Glass translate what you want to say for you to repeat back? Think of the language learning possibilities. You could live share your most adventurous moments with friends while you are a long way from home, live online.

And those are just things that are possible right now. Imagine once things evolve. For example with street view Google already have images of a lot of places on earth. Imagine with Google Glasses if you were lost in a foreign country (lets say Japan because of the alphabet) and to get back on track all you had to do was ask Google Glass to direct you? It could take pictures and use the images it already has to figure out where you are and plot a course for you to where you want to get to. Navigation 2.0, and that’s only a tiny jump forward in advancement.

Perhaps Google Glass ver 2 will just be a contact lens, a tooth implant and a device you wear on your wrist.

Viral Factor & the Marketing Stuff

The Google “How It Feels [through glass]” video is not even two full days old but has been watched 6.6 million times already! It has been shared on Facebook 304k times and Twitter almost 30k times. That’s more viral than Rihanna naked in a bathtub! Although quite interestingly the demographics for both videos were quite different! Rihanna’s top demographics were 13-24 year old girls and 45-54 year old men.

Google Glass’ top demographics were men from 25-54, which suggests if you are a lady and watching the video above you are probably not as excited as I am! ????

Now that the Cool Stuff Meter has been topped off, its time for a weird. I promised you a video with a chick in it…

Viral Video #2: A Chick

Now that the weird-o-meter has reached 5 its time to crank it all the way to 11, Slipknot style.

Viral Video #3: UGA Men’s Swim Harlem Shake

What do you make of Google Glass? And what is the deal with the guy in the sleeping bag!?