Viral Video Paintball Battles

This week’s viral videos are all about shooting paint pellets at stuff. First up is a paintball duel between two Audi’s.

If you like Top Gear, you’ll like this. Second up is a massive paintball battle…actually its more like Mad Max meets paintballing. As always let us know what you think in the comments below this post.

Viral Video #1: Paintball + Audi = FUN

One of the top commenters on YouTube for this video said: “why the hell wasn’t I told about THIS job by my Guidance Counselor”. I can empathise!

The stats on this one are a little unusual in that they aren’t very high for this type of video.

Viral Video #2: Epic Paintball Battle

The second viral video this week could best be described as mayhem with paint. And stunt driving.

There’s even a guy with a parachute and a giant desk fan strapped to his back and a gun in his hand…don’t try this one at home…

The stats on this video are very interesting. Although being a whole year older than the first video this one has much higher viewership numbers.

Probably more interesting than that though is the massive difference in viewer demographics.  Not surprisingly both videos have mostly male audiences but the first video appealed to older men than the second one.

Ever been paintballing? Was it anything like the videos above?