Viral Videos: Athlete Machine, Kobe, Messi & Dumb Ways to Die

Welcome to this weeks Viral Video post. This week I have three video’s for you, all of which are new and weird or wonderful.

Viral Video #1 – Red Bull’s Athlete Machine

First up, is one of the latest offerings from Red Bull. For me there is only one thing better than an extreme sports viral video and that’s a viral video starring Jennifer Aniston doing extreme sports. Given that hasn’t happened yet, we’ll all just have to settle for the regular extreme sports type of Viral Video. Or will we? Perhaps not, say Red Bull who are constantly finding ways to push the envelope with their viral videos.

This one is no exception, so check it out:

This video went live on the 11th November and already has nearly 12.3 million views. I’d say that it could be considered a success.

Viral Video #2: Kobi Versus Messi

Next up, for the sports fans: Kobi and Messi battle for a child’s attention with all sorts of things that would normally give an air hostess serious cause for alarm aboard a flight. Not on Turkish Airlines though! (at least not during the filming of an ad!). Anyway check it out and let me know what you think:

Interestingly this viral is less than a month old and is rapidly heading for 53 MILLION views on YouTube which is astonishing. This video really demonstrates the power of celebrity.  It also demonstrates the power of being the best in the world at what you do. (ref: Seth Godin – The Dip )

And because its coming up to Christmas, which is the time of year when things slow down and workers the world over need something to keep them “busy” during those dark afternoons, I’ve added a 3rd video for your viewing pleasure.

Viral Video #3: Dumb Ways To Die

This one is a little weird and won’t be for everyone. That said it was released on 14th November this year and already has more than 33million views. Its a safety viral video about trains and safety around trains from Metro.

I think the video more than speaks for itself:

I’d love to hear your opinion of the Dumb Ways to Die video. Like it or hate it?