Viral Videos: Samsung Galaxy S5 & Kissing

Welcome along to my weekly round up of the top two most viral videos of the week that has just dropped us off on this fine Friday! This week one is an ad and one is not. Grab yourself a mug of scald and put your feet up for 5 minutes. The weekend has almost arrived.

Viral Video #1: Kissing

This is the most viral video of this week with almost 45.5 million views as I write this.  There is no overt message or moral to the story, and there’s nothing for sale, but I think there are takeaways if you were considering making your own viral video to promote something. Love it or hate it, you decide. What I find interesting is that almost 20k people gave this video a thumbs down.

Warning this video contains people making out.

Viral Video #2: Samsung Galaxy S5

The new mobile handset from Samsung looks pretty cool if this ad is to be believed. In fact it kind of makes me regret ordering a HTC One last week. Check it out.