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Welcome along to another Viral Video Friday post, where I showcase some viral video’s that I’ve found on my travels around the web. This weeks video is so new its still got its plastic wrapper on!

Normally I like to wait for a video to be out for a little while so that I can look at the stats to get an idea the viral magnitude of the video so that we examine how effective the brands ad spend was. But not this week, oh no.

This week the same people that brought us my all time favourite viral video have released a 2nd video along the same theme. Last time out TNT terrorised a small village square in Belgium. This time it was a cold street in the Netherlands somewhere.

Viral Video: TNT – A dramatic surprise on an ice-cold day

Uploaded to YouTube only yesterday I don’t have any real data to give you but you can be certain that this video will be a hit because it has loads of crazy stuff happening, lots of stunt guys, and naked people running.  Don’t worry, its completely safe for work as liberal blurring is used.

Personally I didn’t think it was as good as the first one. I think they tried to up their game and go bigger with this one by having two locations and abducting the bystanders but I think it actually diminished the overall effect of the video. Although not if you were one of the people abducted I’m sure!

Just in case you haven’t seen the original you can catch it here:

What did you make of the new one? Better or worse?