What Penguin 2.0 Means For Your Website

Penguin 2.0 has metaphorically landed and some websites and industries have been hit harder than others. Matt Cutts remarked before the launch that Penguin 2.0 would be the most talked about Google algo update of 2013. Penguin 2.0 has been live now for a little bit more than a month.

Here is a quick overview and infographic to keep you on the straight and narrow in relation to Penguin.

Penguin 2.0 Infographic

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How big a deal is this 2nd Penguin?

When Penguin 1 was implemented it rocked the SEO landscape for the 3.1% of English search queries. Google are claiming that 2.3% of English queries were affected by the new generation of Penguin. Reports from SEOMoz’s MozCast Tool suggest that these numbers are in line with their data (historically not always the case), so on paper this update wasn’t as transformative as was feared it might be by many SEO’s.

However while the 30,000 ft view of penguin 2.0 doesn’t look that scary, on the ground if you’ve been hit by a penalty it can be quite a different story. Getting penalised usually means dropping somewhere in the region of at least 50 places, turning your first page ranking into a 5th or more page placement.

Marcela De Vivo has a great article on Search Engine Journal if you’re looking to study up on Penguin 2.0, however I still believe the best way to grow (long term) for any business online is to follow the Inbound Marketing process.

Inbound Marketing Opportunity

The thing I love most about Inbound Marketing is that if you are implementing your strategy correctly, your website should be almost Google proof. Search engine optimising your website and the web around it are things you will need to do but because you will be creating lots of great content you will be  adhering to Google’s guidelines.

Better than that though is the fact that you are not relying on a single source for traffic. With Inbound Marketing you will be receiving traffic from Google, but also from social media and other blogs. Once the traffic has arrived at your website you will be doing everything you can to capture leads and then using email marketing to once again drive traffic back to your website and convert leads into customers.

How have you found Penguin 2.0? Any advancement or slide in SERPs position?