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Our WordPress Security Best Practices Infographic will help you improve your WordPress site security and lower the risk of being hacked.

In April/May 2013 a large botnet was used to attack WordPress websites using a brute force attack.  In simple terms it tried to guess commonly used usernames and passwords.

This type of attack is so easily preventable by using some WordPress security best practices techniques outlined below.

To embed the file on your site, copy and paste the following onto your web page:

[codelet]<a title="WordPress Security Best Practices Infographic" href=""><img title="WordPress Security Best Practices Infographic" alt="WordPress Security Best Practices Infographic" src="" width="" height="" /></a>
<a href="">WordPress Web Design Blog</a>[/codelet]

Need more?

Sure, we can do that.

Here’s our slides from the WordPress Security Best Practices talk we gave at the WordPress Sydney meetup group that we organise.